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The name comes from a term used in poetry and music to signify a lyrical break or a pause. Oftentimes, it is in and around these brief moments of silence that the real essence of the piece is revealed. The reader takes note. The listener leans in.

We need such moments, too, however brief. We need time to sit in solitude, honour our own natural rhythm, and reconnect with the nature of who we are without the noise and the beat of our daily lives. We need space to tap into our creative flow. We need freedom of movement and room to stretch. But it’s rarely so simple. There is often guilt associated with taking time to ourselves, and even just the thought of planning a personal retreat can be daunting. 


That’s where we come in. We are a small but mighty team of personal retreat curators with over twenty years' experience crafting unique trips and custom itineraries. We have a passion for wild notions and a penchant for seeing them through.

Let us help you pause, take a break, and catch your breath.

Let us give you the gift of YOU.

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